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Where are Therapod Chairs made?

All Therapod Chairs sold in Australia are manufactured (and not just assembled) in Australia. Injection moulded components are made in Melbourne and fabric sewing and assembly are done in our various factories in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Other components come from Europe where we have a joint venture interest. We avoid using supplies from low cost countries.

The Therapod difference

Therapod X uses patented technologies in the chair back and seat. In using these technologies in combination with other features of the chair, we created the world only fully adaptive office chair. Adaptive seating is when the chair supports and adjust itself 3 dimensionally to the user. When comparing with other chairs, think of our chair as a self driving car whilst other chairs are manual or automatic transmissions. In workplace trials, 90%+ of users select Therapod X when compared to similarly priced office chairs. Our chairs are built for comfort whilst keeping you healthy and productive.

How do I know a Therapod Chair will fit me

We believe in simplicity. Our chairs use adaptive technologies that fits your body shape and provides you support when and where you need it. Every aspect of our chair is easily adjustable and once done, you may never have to adjust it again. Even our seat uses patented technology that adapts to pressure changes whilst stabilising your pelvis. Your only choice is size and we have 3 size backs to suit your stature or preference. Being Australian made, we can customise options as required.

What is your warranty period?

We have been making many generations of the chair for over 25 years with hundreds of thousands of chairs sold globally. Our chairs have different warranty periods similar to a car and the kilometers you drive. An 8 hour per day use offers a 10 year warranty to a 30 year warranty on the Therapod X shell which is made in Australia.


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